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The MAPI Digital was born in 2006, two brothers of 19 and 29 years,
Zambelli Dennis and Zambelli Tiziano after working in engineering
companies and textile companies decided to set up their own business,
and to found the company.

The initial purpose was that of personalizing objects, and given the area of belonging, the main object was the eyewear.

Immediately they realized that the decoration made with conventional technologies was laborious, and did not give that extra value to make the difference compared to the competition; they needed dynamism and until
now there will not be anything they could do for them, so they decided
to try to overcome the traditional obstacle by focusing on something
more innovative.

The two electrotechnical experts, with a strong knowledge of electronics,
computer science and mechanics, decided to create the materials for the
decorations, what could have done for them was the inkjet, dynamic and
scalable technology, adaptable to the most varied needs.

However complex technology, which requires knowledge ranging from chemistry, through electronics, mechanics and computer science, all things well known by the two brothers.

They did their project within two months, everything worked as planned, and they were changed course, as the realization of the special machine had so excited them, they decided to produce printers instead of personalizing objects.

The market asked for printers for the personalization of clothing, and so they created their first D.T.G. (Direct to Garment Printer), they named it Michelangelo in honor of the great painter.

From there there have been countless models, passing from the textile to the objects.

The first models were based on Epson technologies, which like other companies in the sector, are used for their ease of modification, but with many insurmountable limits; so they decided to take the step to
completely create the printers, starting from the industrial heads and
creating everything else, the step was not easy but the stubbornness
that distinguishes the two brothers is immense, and so in 2016 comes the
INFINITY TX industrial printer for printing of garments, completely designed and realized by MAPI Digital.

And now . . . follow us for future developments








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I'm not interested in being the richest death in the cemetery.

Going to bed at night and knowing that we have done something wonderful, here is what matters to me

Steve Jobs

Dennis Zambelli


Dennis studied at the Technical Industrial Institute as an electrical engineer, with an eye to programming and mechanics. During his studies in the afternoon he worked at companies in the textile and
engineering sector, where he learned knowledge that will form the basis for his career. At the age of 19 he founded MAPI Digital together with
his brother

Tiziano Zambelli


Tiziono attends his studies at the Industrial Technical Institute as an electrical technician, but his direction is that of information technology and programming, starting already during the school's attendance to create software. After completing his studies, he founded his own web-based company and then abandoned his brother's appointment with the opening of MAPI Digital.

Our mission

as MAPI Digital, is to innovate, solving problems and limits of current technologies, creating machines and softwre that are always more performing and simple to use.